Rattle’s Pilot Log
Entry #0001


So finally I got it.


A shiny Sidewinder.
Well, it’s an old rusty E-rated piece of shit, lets be honest.
But it’s mine.

After a short testflight it wasn’t difficult to find a propper name: Rattle
I have uploaded its registration to the coriolis database if people are interested: Rattle, first insight

Got it from a foreclosure auction at LHS3447, not sure why it was for sale and as I urgently have to leave the bubble without gaining too much attention I will not ask.
So shouldn’t you.

I heared of new opportunities. New Colonies. Far away from curious people.
And far enough from awkward ones.

It’s in the Eol Prou sector, somewhere east the core, twenty somewhat Kylies from what people still call “home”.
It never was for me, and I dont think it ever will.
Maybe one third of the galaxy is enough distance from my past life and to start from scratch.

So its time to set sail into the black – to the new.

Unfortunately the “new” ship has a very poor jump range and if I want to reach the new colony within my life span I’ll have to tweak some more Ly out of it’s FSD…

Luckily it is equipped with some small pulse lasers – I wonder if they have something to do with the forced sale and if their signature will get me into trouble – but well, it cant get worse…

So I am heading to a RES site the moment I record this into the ships log.
Hope that I can be some kind of help for the security forces out there and collect some bounties.
Hope that my signature scrambler is working as intended.
Hope they dont turn around to collect that bounty which is on my head – or on my ship…

It’s all what is left over and all I will carry out – to the new.

CMDR Stevie Spaceweed